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According to Greek mythology, Amaryllis was a beautiful young lady who fell in love with a young shepherd, handsome like the god Apollonas and strong like Hercules, Altaionas. Amaryllis decided to win his heart without considering the consequences. Altaionas, untouched by her charming looks, had the one desire of being offered a flower that was unique in the world. Amaryllis consulted the oracle of Delphi and then fulfilled what she was ordered. She wore a white dress and stood in front of Altaionas’ door, piercing her skin over her heart. By the drops of her blood which fell on the ground a new plant was made. So, when Altaionas opened his door a few days later, he came across a beautiful flower with bright red pedals, the colour of Amaryllis heart. In this way Amaryllis managed to win Altaionas love.

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